Benefits from and when to hire a contractor

Benefits from and when to hire a contractor

Sometimes, as a homeowner, we think our capabilities are enough to complete the job at hand. If the construction job is small enough, we may be able to complete it with a minimum of mess-ups and mistakes but as the job grows in size and requirements, the likelihood for mistakes happening increases proportionally and this can cost you money. Putting a fresh coat of paint on a room is simple enough and the potential for a mistake is minimal, but if the bathroom needs to be gutted, re-floored and the tub enclosure retiled, you need to have the right skill set and experience. Deciding if the job at hand requires a professional can be a tough decision and one that requires you to look at the pros and cons of hiring a tradesperson. If the contractor can finish the job on time and save you the headaches of living in the war zone that comes with a home remodeling job, then this is a very real benefit to you and your family. If you have a small budget to work from, engaging with a professional contractor can ensure that budget is not wasted through mistakes that have be done right and may even be a cost savings to you in itself. Redoing your house electrical wiring is best left to the pros. The last think you want is a fire in a wall.

If you are in doubt about whether or not you should do it yourself or hire a contractor, your best bet is that you shouldn’t take the risk.

In Ontario, getting a quote is free, unless the contractor is providing additional services in creating the quote for you. Getting multiple quotes for your projects allows you the homeowner to shop around and learn a little about the contractor. Ask them about what part of the city they serve, how long have they been in business, are their workers covered by WSIB, security checks with the police, and what kind of warranty they offer on their work. Be sure to ask for references and get their license and contact information on the quote and service contracts before the job starts. Ask to see images of completed projects. Don’t hire the contractor just based on a lower price. Look at the bigger picture and all of their qualifications. Be sure to review the service contract for estimated dates for completion of the project in various stages.
Contractors want to do a good job for you. They know a well completed project and a satisfied client can turn into a referral. Be sure to let the contractor know that you want nothing less for your budget regardless the size of the job. They accepted the responsibility for completing the job to your expectations and that includes coming back to fix something that may have missed. But be sure to let the contractor know as well that if you are happy with their work, you will refer them to your friends that are looking for similar services.

Be truthful with yourself about the size of the project and your capabilities. Eliminating those tasks that are irksome to you and can be handled by a professional will almost always give you a better end results that you and your family can live with.

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