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Basement Renovation Contractor Toronto

Basement finishing is a significant investment that comes with high returns. It is an excellent way of adding usable space to the home and increasing its resale price later down the road. You can add an extra bedroom for guests or family members; install a laundry room; turn it into a fitness area or home office; use it as a rental income property or even an entertainment area for your kids – the choice is entirely yours.

Whatever way you choose, it is sure that a finished basement will generate better value for you and your potential buyer.

What are the crucial elements you need to include?

Before you kick-start your basement finishing project, evaluate how you wish to utilize the space – will it be multi-functional just like your home or entirely one-concept area like home theatre or a quiet office? Once, you determine the functionality of the space, include the components accordingly.

Some of the elements your finished basement will most likely need are insulation, lighting, windows, flooring, storage, furniture, décor, HVAC, plumbing, and waterproofing.

How much does basement finishing cost?

Your basement finishing can you cost you anywhere from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars depending upon the scope of the project. However, it will be less than your remodeling job as a remodel involves changing the entire structure, layout, or function of the basement.

Following are the factors that will influence your basement finishing cost:

  • Floor and wall installations
  • Ceiling work
  • Plumbing
  • Framing
  • Permits

Also, an important point to keep in mind is that even if your basement is being used as a living space, it isn’t necessarily complete. A basement is finished only when the entire space is at par with upstairs living areas. Thus, you would require other facilities like the electrical system, air conditioner, finished floors, an accessible entrance/stairway, level ceilings, and finished walls as well.

Should you DIY?

At first instance, you might feel that going the DIY route for basement finishing can save you a few dollars. Although for a part of renovation jobs, this could be true, not in all cases at all times.

Basement finishing involves working around obstructions such as heating ducts, plumbing drains, water pipes, gas lines, etc. that may seem like your regular weekend DIY tasks but when handled on own, they can translate to added costs and frustration.

So, unless you are a pro in home renovations or have worked for a design-build company in the past, it is recommended to rely on professional advice than your amateur experience.

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To make the basement look good and feel right, you need contractors who are specialized in the field. They will help you achieve the results you long for in the most inexpensive way possible.

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