New flooring increases your properties value and makes it easier to keep clean.


Flooring services provide by traded contractor in  our network:

  • removing existing floor
  • leveling the  floor
  • sub floor
  • install/repair  floor
  • laminate floor
  • hardwood floor
  • vinyl floor
  • parquet floor
  • sand and refinishing floor
  • carpet floor
  • tiles floor
  • residential/commercial.

Consider those factors when choosing the flooring material for your next remodeling  project:

  1. Sub floor  
    Sub floor supporting the current flooring determines the next material you can install. It’s usually necessary to remove flooring, especially in cases of carpet and damaged materials, but it’s possible to install new flooring directly over some materials like hardwood and tile. Concrete slabs can only be covered by vinyl laminates that can handle moisture.
  2. Maintenance  
    Are you willing to polish and seal stone tiles every few years, or refinish your natural hardwood flooring  ? Tile needs regular cleaning   of daily use, but it requires a lot less attention than carpet.
  3. Story Height
     Not all types of flooring work well .Hardwood and carpet shouldn’t go in the basement because they’re not designed to be installed below grade.
  4. Installation  
    You don’t want to wait weeks for installation . Some installations of sheet vinyl, carpet, and locking laminate flooring can take less than a day per room.
  5. Last you will consider how long each type of flooring needs to be installed.
    Pairing tougher materials in the bathroom, kitchen, and entryways will allow you to enjoy your floors for a decade or longer before they begin to be ready for change.


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