Tile Contractors Toronto

Tile Contractors Toronto

When it comes to reasonable home makeover ideas, tiles serve as a great choice. You can use them as accent pieces in your house for living rooms, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, hallways, and even entrances.

It is the versatility in design, durability, cost, ease of maintenance and customization that make tiles extremely popular among homeowners. Moreover, the diversity of finishes, colors, designs, sizes, and shapes you get makes it a super favorite for decorator effects.

Tile installation increases the value of your home and keeps it looking its best long after being laid. So, if you want to upgrade your home and simplify the maintenance routine at the same time, tiles can be your go-to option.

What type of tiles would be best for your home?

When it comes to tile flooring, there are myriad options available. Though ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular, there are glass tiles, cement tiles, metal tfa, stone tiles as well. However, each type of tile has a specific purpose. You cannot put wall tiles on the floors. For floors, you need tiles rated for flooring.

Ceramic tile works best for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. Porcelain is well-suited for outdoors, high-traffic areas, and kitchen backsplashes. Glass tiles look amazing on tabletops or desks, around the fireplace, or as a backsplash and cement tiles are recommended for low-traffic areas.

How much would tile installation cost you?

Some tiles are affordable, while others can get pretty expensive. So, the amount you spend majorly depends on what you choose.

The following factors can impact your tile flooring cost to a larger extent:

  • Type of tile
  • Installation and labor charges
  • Grading and brand
  • Sales tax, shipping, and delivery fees
  • Additional materials and supplies

Should you try tile installation on your own?

Tile installations are typically displayed as easy in DIY YouTube videos and remodeling guidebooks. But, this is definitely not one of those home remodeling projects that are easy to do on your own.

You have to ensure that everything goes well in the first go and there is no scope of errors in any way. Considering that, it makes complete sense to contact a professional tile installer than to rely on your amateur knowledge and end up ruining the look you want.

Hire a pro

We, at Renooption, have years of experience in tile installation and other house renovation services. We have been helping home and business owners design incredible spaces within specified budget limits. From a backsplash to a bathroom shower, to flooring, we ensure that every aspect of tile installation is treated with quality and care.

Our expert team caters to all your tile installation and repair needs and back that up with a no hassle work guarantee, to make sure you are satisfied with your investment in your home.


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